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Awards and Other Recognition

This web site was set up to present aspects of Philippine history that are unavailable or hard to find anywhere else, whether on the Internet or in other media. It has proved to be popular, averaging almost 2,000 hits a week in its first year. It has since moved to a new site and the number of hits has continued to rise.

Here are a few of the many awards and other recognition that have been given to "A Philippine Leaf."


Sigay Award.
Presented by Ken Ilio, himself the designer of several award-winning pages.

4 Stars
The McKinley Group Four-Star Award.
The highest rating available from their reviewers.

Miscellaneous mentions in numerous magazines and newsletters.

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A Philippine Leaf by Hector Santos (week of 29 June 1995)
This is another beautifully written page on a lesser-known era of Philippine history - the pre-Hispanic Philippines. Creator Hector Santos is an alibata (ancient Filipino script) enthusiast who has developed a computer program that generates Filipino scripts. In this webpage, he writes about ancient Filipino system and styles of writing, both extinct and extant. One section describes an incredible archaeological find in Laguna, that of a copper plate which has etched inscriptions on it. According to Santos, this sulat sa tanso (writings on copper) dated to have come from 900 A.D. could very well represent the existence of a highly literate, cultured and technically advanced society in the Philippines before colonization by Spain.

4 Stars
greenA Philippine Leaf
Review: Hector Santos calls his site 'A Philippine Leaf' because it is a page in the continuing history of the Philippines. These pages are important to someone studying the culture and language of the pre-Hispanic Philippines. Santos explains in several articles ...

"A Philippine Leaf" Material in the Print Media

When the World Wide Web (WWW) first started, much of the material presented were copies of material that appeared in print before. As WWW matured, some original material started to be published. "A Philippine Leaf" has always emphasized content over form, and its material has mostly been original.

It is a tribute to a web site's content when its material is reprinted in the print media. It shows how far WWW has come-- the world has turned around and magazines are now taking material from the web for use in their publications.

I have gotten many requests for permission to reprint material from these web pages and have always given them. Here are a few of the magazines that were kind enough to send me copies of issues containing material from "A Philippine Leaf."

Iatiku Iatiku
Newsletter of Foundation for Endangered Languages
Nicholas Ostler, Editor
Issue 3, Summer - 31 August 1996

Batheaston Villa
172 Bailbrook Lane
Bath BA1 7AA, England

Cover, p. 3

Macau Magazine

II Série No. 51, Julho 96

Secçäo Cartas - Av. da Amizade, 876
Ed. Marina Gardens
15 E, Macau

"Ásia: o Império das Escritas"
by Rui Rocha
pp. 6-27

d'Core Multimedia

A print and multimedia magazine (CD ROM included) distributed in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand.
Issue 1, July-August 1996

Blue Mango Media Limited
Suite 202-4 St. Georges Building
No. 2 Ice House Street
Hong Kong


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