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Antoon Postma's Translation

by Hector Santos
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Antoon Postma, a Dutch national who has lived among the Mangyans of Mindoro for most of his life, made the breakthrough translation of the Laguna Copperplate Inscription in 1990. He has made three more since then, each one a little different from the previous translation. The one presented here is his latest, the one he presented at a conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in December 1992.

He follows the traditional method used by Indonesian experts, i.e., translating the text line by line.

Line 1:
Hail! In the Saka-year 822; the month of March-April; according to the astronomer: the 4th day of the dark half of the moon; on

Line 2:
Monday. At that time, Lady Angkatan together with her relative, Bukah by name,

Line 3:
the child of His Honor Namwran, was given, as a special favor, a document of full acquittal, by the Chief and Commander of Tundun,

Line 4:
the former Leader of Pailah, Jayadewah. To the effect that His Honor Namwran, through the Honorable Scribe

Line 5:
was totally cleared of a debt to the amount of 1 kati and 8 suwarna (weight of gold), in the presence of His Honor the Leader of Puliran,

Line 6:
Kasumuran; His Honor the Leader of Pailah, namely: Ganasakti; (and) His Honor the Leader

Line 7:
of Binwangan, namely: Bisruta. And (His Honor Namwran) with his whole family, on orders by the Chief of Dewata,

Line 8:
representing the Chief of Mdang, because of his loyalty as a subject (slave?) of the Chief, therefore all the descendants

Line 9:
of His Honor Namwran have been cleared of the whole debt that His Honor owed the Chief of Dewata. This (document) is (issued) in case

Line 10:
there is someone, whosoever, some time in the future, who will state that the debt is not yet acquitted of His Honor...


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