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Computer Fonts, Living Scripts

Fonts for the Buhid, Hanunóo, and Tagbanwa scripts still used in the Philippines are available. They come in two styles each based on actual historical and stylistic samples.

The package is available for IBM and Macintosh platforms. PostScript and TrueType fonts as well a concise manual that gives a background of these ancient scripts and a short tutorial on how to write with them are included in each package.

All the "living" script symbols in this series of articles were generated from the font package. IBM and compatibles require Windows (all applications supported). All Macintosh applications are supported.

The fonts can be opened and modified not only in word processing but also in drawing and paint programs making them suitable for designing logos, mastheads, and other graphics.

The cost of the software is $24.95 plus $3.00 shipping and handling. California residents, please add $2.00 more for sales tax.

To order, send a check for the correct amount to:

Sushi Dog Graphics
P.O. Box 26959
Los Angeles, CA 90026

and specify whether you need a Macintosh or an IBM diskette.

Sorry, we don't have the means to accept credit cards.

Foreign orders will be accepted at a flat rate of $30.00 which includes shipping and handling. The check or money order has to be drawn on an American bank as the fee for cashing a foreign check is almost as much as the cost of the product.

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