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Katálogo ng mga Apelyidong Pilipino

(Catalog of Filipino Names)

© 1995-98 by Hector Santos
All rights reserved.

One of the more obvious marks left by Spanish rule in the Philippines is the prevalence of Hispanic surnames among Christianized Filipinos. Those who lived in remote areas and were not subjugated escaped this fate. Many people in the mountain areas of Luzon, Mindanao, Mindoro, Palawan, and other places retained their way of life, their culture, and their way of naming themselves. Thus, a Yam-ay in Mindoro today does not have a name like Claudette Villanueva as would probably have been the case had she lived among the conquered people.

Before the Spaniards arrived, a person's second (family, not middle) name was usually taken from one of his children. Thus, Timbô who had a son named Pitík was known as Timbô, amá ni Pitík. Compare this with the Western custom of sons taking their names from their fathers like Peter, son of John, or Peter Johnson. Sometimes, a physical feature was used to describe a person like Pitong Kirat for a certain Pito who only had one good eye.

Many early Christianized Filipinos named themselves after the saints so much so that it caused consternation among the Spanish authorities. Apparently, Christianization worked much too well and there were soon too many Santoses, San Joses, San Antonios, and San Buenaventuras to suit those in power. They were forced to change their last names unless they could prove that their family had been using it for several generations.

Another unacceptable custom was that siblings took on different last names like they had always done before the Spaniards came. All these "problems" resulted in a less efficient system of collecting taxes.

And so, on November 21, 1849 Governor General Narciso Clavería ordered a systematic distribution of family names for the natives to use. The Catalogo Alfabetico de Apellidos was produced and approved names were assigned to families in all towns. Name distribution was so systematic that civil servants assigned family names in alphabetical order causing some small towns with only a few families to end up with all names starting with the same letter. (This interesting situation remained until fairly recent times when people became more mobile and started seeking mates from other towns.)

One result of the Hispanization of Filipino names was the change in the way traditional names (placenames, too) were pronounced. Since Hispanic names were just sounds that didn't mean much, names like "Dimalantá" became "Dimalanta" (the accent shifting to the penultimate syllable) and "Julag-ay" became "Júlagay" (the accent shifting from the penultimate to the first and the glottal catch disappearing). This tended to hide the meanings of the names and made them more of an abstract entity just like Hispanic names. At the same time, the new pronunciation sounded more Hispanic and this step completed the transformation of some families, at least in their own minds, to an erzats class of pseudo-Spaniards.

This list has brought about many interesting emails with more names and stories about their origins. Most were proud to have real Filipino names unlike the majority of us who have Hispanic surnames. However, one took exception to having his name, Agulto, listed as an indigenous Filipino name. He claimed he was a Filipino whose ancestors were Sheppardic Jews from Spain and he found it offensive for his name to be called truly Filipino. Of course, I immediately removed Agulto from this list.

Below is a list of truly Filipino names that remained in use even after the Clavería edict.

Abacan AbadayAbalahin to disturb Tagalog Abao Abat Abay next to Ilocano Abaya Abayan stand next to Abayari Abeya BIBAK Abiad Abinsay Ilocano Abiog (abyog) swinging Tagalog Ablang Ablasa Ablog Ilocano Abog sudden Tagalog about to be born Tagalog Abuan Abucajo Abucay Abueg Abut (Abot) Abutin to reach Tagalog Abuyen Acas to gather Ilocano Acda author Aclan from Aklan Acob Acolola Acop BIBAK Acot Ilocano Acpal Acupan Adapon Aday Adlao day Boholano Adlawan daily Adoc Ilocano Afuyog BIBAK Agam Ilocano Agamata Ilocano Aganad to be careful Ilocano Agapito Agarpao Agas medicine Ilocano Agatep thatcher Ilocano Agati Agatol Agawin to snatch Tagalog Agbannaoag Agbay Agbayani to be heroic Ilocano Agbisit Agbulos to let go Ilocano Agbuya to watch Ilocano Agcamaran Agcambot Agcaoili to hold on to Ilocano Agdamag to ask for news Ilocano Agdeppa to spread one's hands Ilocano Agdinaoay Aggabao Ilocano Aglibut to roam around Ilocano Aglipay to play w/ lipay seeds Ilocano Agngarayngay Ilocano Agonoy Agpalo to strike Ilocano Agpaoa Agpoon Agsalog Agsalon Agsalud* to salute Ilocano Agtaguem Agtarap Ilocano Agtutubo to grow robustly Ilocano Aguiling? Aguimbag get well Ilocano Aguimmatang buy Ilocano Agumabay Agumbay Waray Agunod Agup Akiaten (akyatin) to climb Tagalog Akut Alalay aid Alambat Alampay shawl Alanunay Ilocano Alao Alasaas Alay-ay Albalos Alcaparlas Alday Alderite Alibin Alicbusan Aligmayo BIBAK Alikpala Aliling Alimboyugen Alimurung Alindogan beauty Alingog Boholano Alinsangan hot weather Tagalog Alipio BIBAK Alitagtag Boholano Alnas Alon wave Tagalog Alonto Alpay Alujipan Alumisin Alunan to swamp Tagalog Alupay Amaba Amahit Amaming BIBAK Ambagan Ambat Ambayon Amboy Ambulo Amicay Amiling BIBAK Amit Ammog Amosin Cebuano Amoyo you know Ilocano Ampalayon Ampang Ampig? Ampil? Ampon (Ampong) foster child Tagalog Ampongan Ilocano Amulong Amurao Ancaya Ancheta? Ilocano Andal Andaya Angara beautiful Angat Angobung Angus Aniag Aningalan Annala Antalan Anub Anyog Boholano Aoanan to deplete Ilocano Apan go Ilocano Apanapao Apanay Apayor Boholano Apdal Apelin Apigo Apili Aplaon Apoga Apoian place for burning Aporongao Ara-o Arauag Araw (Arao) sun Aro Aromin Arong Asoy Aswit Atabay wait Tagalog Atangan support Tagalog Atay liver Tagalog Ato Atok Ilocano Auza Awa mercy Tagalog Awitan singing Aya-ay Cebuano Ayran Ayuman Ayuyang gathering place Ilocano Ayuyao Bañaga foreigner Ba-ad Baal Babalato to share Tagalog Babao shallow Tagalog Babasa will read Tagalog Babaylan spiritist Visayan Babingao Bables Baboyan place for pigs Bacad Bacani Bacay Bacaycay Baccay to guard Tagalog Baclao Baclayan Baclig Bacolor Bacotot Bactad Bacunawa dragon Badabgio Badar Baddas Badjao Cebuano Bael Baga lung Tagalog Bagadiong Bagain Bagala Bagalayos Bagaman perchance Bagang gums Bagaoisan to grow wings Tagalog Bagarinao Bagasao Ilocano Bagasbas blessing Tagalog Bagay object Bagayan make compatible Tagalog Bagnol Boholano Bagongarao Bagong-gahasa newly sharpened Tagalog Bagoyo Bagsic fierce Tagalog Bagsit Bagtas Bague Boholano? Baguio typhoon Ilocano Bahaghari rainbow Tagalog Bahande treasure, rich Boholano Bahena Baidingo Cebuano Baisac Baitan goodness Baje Bakaranis Balaba shawl Tagalog Balabagan Balabis Balaga Balagot a type of hat Tagalog Balagtas trail blaze Tagalog Balamut Balana Balandra obstruction Tagalog Balanga Balangatan Balangue Pangasinan, Ilocano Balani (Balane) magnetic stone Tagalog Balanon Balantakbo Balaoing Balason Balata Balatazo Balatbat Balatibat Balatico Balbiran Balgos Baliad to arch oneself Cebuano Baliao Baligad Baliling Balimbin Balingit to shake Ilocano Balino Balioac Ilocano Balisacan Balita news Tagalog Balitaan share news Tagalog Balitactac Balondo Balot wrapped Tagalog Balubal cashew Tagalog Baluran Baluyut (Baluyot) woven rice container Tagalog Balweg Banaag glimpse Tagalog Banal Banaria Banasan Banasihan Tagalog Banaticla Banayat calm Tagalog Bancain to go by boat Tagalog Bancale? Bancod (Bancud) Tagalog Bandigas Bandol Bandong Bangachon BIBAK Bangad Bangayan Banghulot Bangit Bangwa BIBAK Baniaga (see Bañaga) Banico Banigo-os Baniqued Banlaygas Banta threat Tagalog Bantay sentry Tagalog Bantigui (Bantegui) Bantilan Banting (Banteng) clothesline Ilocano Bantoc strike on the head Tagalog Bantog (Bantug) famous Tagalog Banua Banzali? Baon provision Tagalog Baqui Baquiran forest Ilocano Baradi Barangan kind of fish Baraoidan Baratang Bareng maybe Ilocano Bariring Barlaan Barongan Barut Basa read, wet Tagalog Basi sugar cane wine Ilocano Basibas Basig Basilides? Basingat BIBAK Basingit Baste Basubas Bataanon from Bataan Tagalog Batac my child Ilocano Batacan pull Tagalog Bataclan Batao type of bean Tagalog Batas law Batenga Bathan Bati greeting Batin Batingan Bato stone Tagalog Batoctoy Batong BIBAK Batongbacal metallic stone Tagalog Batongmalaque large stone Tagalog Batoon Battad Battong (Battung) Batucan hit on nape Batuyong Bauan Bawalan Baya Bayag long time Ilocano Bayani hero Tagalog Baybay coast Cebuano Bayla? Baylon Baylosis? Bayna string to hold cock Bayog Bayot Bayoy Boholano Bayquen Baysac Bayudan Bayuga Becbec Belano Beligan BIBAK Belite Benipayo Biabas guava(?) Boholano Biag life Ilocano Biagan lively; to enliven Ilocano Bigalbal Bigay Bicolano Bigayan act of giving Tagalog Biglang-awa quick care Tagalog Bihis clothed Tagalog Bilog round, small boat Tagalog, Ilocano Binaday Binaohan hit by coconut Tagalog Binaoro Cebuano Binayas Binlot Binongcal Ilocano Binotapa Binsol Bio Bisaya Bitagon Bitao to let go Blas Boñaga to baptize Bikolano Bocalan place with wild boar Ilocano Bocalig Bocasan BIBAK Bohol knot Bohulano from Bohol Aklanon Bolisay Boljoon Bolongan a kind of fish Ilocano Bolosan (Bulosan) to set free Ilocano Bonalong Boncan Bondoc (Bundoc) mountain Tagalog Bongolan Bongon pomelo Cebuano Bongott Bongubung Bonoan wrestling Tagalog Bonoanno Bonotan pulling Tagalog Bontuyan (Buntuyan) Cebu Bonzo Pangasinan Booc hair Ilocano Botengan BIBAK Braza Buñag to give a name Ilocano Buñi great, outstanding Bual fallen Buan moon Buaya crocodile Tagalog Buban Bucaneg (Bukaneg) Buccat Buccay Bucsit Bugaoisan Bugas Bugayong Bugnos spill, break Tagalog Bugnosen BIBAK Bugtong riddle Tagalog Buhain (buhayin) resurrect, to turn on Tagalog Buhay life, alive Tagalog Buktaw Ilocano Bulahan Bulala Bulalayao rainbow Ilocano Bulanadi sister moon Ilocano Bulanan Bulanon Bulaoat Bulaon (Bulaong) Bulatao Bulawan Bulayo BIBAK Buli Bulseco Bulusan Bumacod Bumagat Bumanglag Bumatay to stand up Ilocano Bunac Buñagan Bunga (Bonga) fruit Tagalog Bungcayao Bunggay Kapampangan Bunsoy Buntua Bunye praise, glorify, exalt Tagalog Buot mold, mildew Ilocano Buractaon Butac identifying mark Ilocano Butalid Butic BIBAK Butigan BIBAK Butiu Caabay Caacbay comrade-in-arms Tagalog Caasi pitiful Ilocano Cabaccan Ilocano Cabacungan Cabading BIBAK Cabael Cabagnot Cebuano Cabahug Cabal body armor Ilocano Cabalatongan place with beans Ilocano Cabanag Cabanatan Cabanayan Cabanday Cabangbang Cabanit Cabansag Cabanting Cabasa fellow reader Tagalog Cabasaan Cabasagan Cabasug Cabatana Cabatic Cabatingan Cebuano Cabatu Cabatuan rocky place Ilocano Cabatuando Cabatungan Cabauatan Cabaya Cabe Cabebe Cabeguin Cabigao Cabigas Cabigting Cabilan (Cabillan) Cabili Cablayan place with dwellings Ilocano Cabochan Cabuang Cabuchao Cabudol Cabug-as Cabuhat Cabulda Cabungcal dug up Cabunoc Cabuquit Cabututan Cacab Cacal Cacalda Cacananta sibling Ilocano Cacanindin Cacapit Caccam Ilocano Cacdac Ilocano Cacpal Caculitan irritant Tagalog Cadang Cadapan length of a foot Ilocano Caday Cadisal Cadlaon Cadwising BIBAK Caeg a boastful person Ilocano Caga-anan (Cagaanan) Cagacan Cagadas Cagadoc Cagalawan (Cagalawen) Cagampang (Cagampan) frivolousness Ilocano Caganap partner Tagalog Cagaoanan Cagaoas Cagasan Cagatao Cagauan Cagayan to cover one's self Cagayat Cagiwa Cagonot Caguingin Cagungon Cahambing similar Tagalog Caharian kingdom Cahimat Caindoc Cainghug (Cainhug) Cainglit Cajucom fellow judge Tagalog Cajulao Ilocano Calag soul Cebuano Calagos Waray Calajati half Calalang Kapampangan Calalo Calambacal Calangan Calanoc Calanoy Calaoagan from Laoag Ilocano Calapatia? Calayag with sails set Ilocano Calaycay rake Tagalog Calibugan joyousness Cebuano Calibuso Calica Calicdan Caligtan BIBAK Calilan Calilung Calimag Calimbas Calimlim Calinao clarity Calinga to take enemy's heads Ilocano Calip Calipusan to be drowned Ilocano Caliso to turn Cebuano Caliw-caliw Callangan Callueng Calo hat Calob (Calub) cover, lid Ilocano Calomay soft (as muddy ground) Ilocano Calonge Calpito Caluag Calubaquib Calubayan Calumpang a kind of tree Tagalog Caluncagin Calupid Calupig Calupitan cruelty Tagalog Caluya Camaganacan relative Tagalog Camagay Camagun Ilocano Camanag Cambas Cambay Cambonga from the fruit Visayan Camcam to claim as one's own Ilocano Camiling Camurungan Candao Tagalog Canilao Caniya Canlas Canoy? Canumay Canwaring Caoagdan Ilocano Caoili fellow admirer Tagalog Caparas Capati Capili fellow chosen Tagalog Capinpin fellow rice planter Tagalog Capoy Capule Ilocano Capulong fellow organizer Tagalog Capuno fellow leader Tagalog Capuyan Caraan Carag outrigger Tagalog Caragay Carandang Carangal Caranguian Carao Caras Kapampangan Carasig Carating Carayoan Cariaso Caritan cutting Cebuano Carungay Carungcong Carungi Carunungan (see Karunungan) Casama companion Tagalog Casao speaking partner Ilocano Casiano? Casibang Casim Casuco fellow surrenderee Tagalog Casuga Casumbal Casupang Catacataca amazing Tagalog Catacutan scary Tagalog Catambay partner Tagalog Catangui Bicol Catanyag renowned Catapang (see Katapang) Cataran Catbagan Catibog Catig outrigger Tagalog Catindig Catotocan Catubay Catubig water rights sharee Tagalog Catubo Caunin to fetch Caunsag Boholano Cavite Cawad Cawilan Cayabyab fellow grain pounder Tagalog Cayangho Cayanoc Caylao fellow light bearer Caylo Cayongcong Cayron Cayton Codog Colcol Col-long Conlu Conol Conti few Copon Corong Corotan pinching Tagalog Cosalan Cubacub Cudal Pangasinan Cudiamat Culala Culanag Culaton Cumba Boholano Cumti Cunanan Kapampangan Cupino Curameng (Curaming) Cusi Cuyos Cuyugan to accompany Kapampangan Daan Daang Dabao Dabu Dacalcap Dacanay Ilocano Dacayanan Ilocano Dacion Daclan main part of house Ilocano Daco big Dacquel big Ilocano Dacumos Dacuno Dacuycuy Dadap Cebu Dagamac Cebuano Dagdag additional Dagdagan to add Dagohoy (Daguhoy) Dagsaan Dagsi Daguhay Daguio Dagupion Dahan slow Tagalog Dahilig Dahing? Dahiug Dailo Dajao Visayan Dakay (Dacay) Dakila noble Tagalog Dalandan type of citrus Tagalog Dalangin Dalangpan Dalao visit Dalaque Dalawampu twenty TagalogDalida Dalig Dalisay pure Tagalog Dalit mercy Dalog Dalogdog thunder Cebuano Dalugdugan Dalupan Damaolao Cebu Damilo Damo Dampog Boholano Danao lake Danda Dandin Dandoy Danganan Ilocano Dangkulos Dangoy Dangtayan Danguilan Dangwa Daoang Daog Daomilas Daos Daranciang Dapat to hit Cebuano Dapayan Daquil Darang Kapampangan Dasig to put away Tagalog Datahan Datangel Datingginoo former chief Dato (Datu) Datoc Datoon Datuin Datumanong Maguindanao Dauz Dawa Dawi Dawis Daya cheat Dayag Dayanan Dayanghirang chosen lady Tagalog Dayao Dayap lime Dayo to visit Dayoan Dayot Dayrit Kapampangan Dayunot Deang Decolongon (Dicolongon) Deen Delasin Diano Diapo Dicang Digamon Digol Dikitanan Dilag beauty Tagalog, Kiniray-a Dimaaliw unentertainable Tagalog Dimaampao Dimaandal Dimaano untouchable Tagalog Dimaapi unoppressable Tagalog Dimabasa unwettable Tagalog Dimacuha unobtainable Tagalog Dimaculangan uncheatable Tagalog Dimagiba unbreakable Tagalog Dimaguila Dimailig unbendable Tagalog Dimaisip unfathomable Tagalog Dimalaluan unsurpassable Tagalog Dimalanta unwiltable, untiring Tagalog Dimanlig Dimapasoc unbreachable Tagalog Dimapilis Dimapindan Dimaporo unpointable Tagalog Dimaranan unpassable Tagalog Dimarucot (dimadukot) ungettable Tagalog Dimarumba Tagalog Dimasalang untouchable Tagalog Dimasuay unstoppable Tagalog Dimasuhid Dimasupil(Dipasupil) unvanquished Tagalog Dimatulac unpushable Tagalog Dimaunahan unbeatable Tagalog Dimawili unsatisfied Tagalog Dimaya Dimayacyac Tagalog Dimayuga (dimaiuga) unshakeable Tagalog Dingal Dinguinbayan town crier Dinolang (Chinese?) Dinopol Dismaya? Diwa mind Tagalog Docuyanan Dolap Dolera Domagas unyielding Tagalog Domantay Domogan Domugho Domulot Doneio Doon there Tagalog Dopale Dorilag Dornogan BIBAK Dua two Dualan Dualos Ducduc to impose an idea Ducisin Duclayan Ilocano Duco Ducut to pull out Dugay Duhaylungsod Dulag Dulay Dulaypan Duldulao Dumadag lots of root crops Dumag Dumagan Boholano Dumagat move to the sea Tagalog Dumagpi Dumalag Dumalog Dumalot Dumalus Duma-og Dumapias tangentially struck Tagalog Dumaran Dumaslan Dumaual (Dumawal) Dumayag Dumayas Dumdum Dumlao to be surprised Ilocano Dumlaon Dumo Dumondon Dumpay Dumpit Ilocano Dumrique? Duna BIBAK Dungca Dunglao Ilocano Dungo loved one Ilocano Dupaya Dupim Duplon (Doplon) Duyan Ebba? Eblacas? Elbo Emuslan Ilocano Estepa? Estigoy BIBAK Fangonil BIBAK Fiag-Oy BIBAK Gaa Ilocano Gaane Gabat flotsam Ilocano Gabato Gabayan Gabuat Gacad? Gacungan Gacusan Ilocano Gacutan Gacuya Gador Gaffud Ibanag Gagalac to be happy Tagalog Gago Gagpud Galam Galamgam Galang respect Tagalog Galapon Galasinao clear Ilocano Galauran Galay Gali Galima Galit Galos scratch Tagalog Galut to tie Ilocaano Gamata Gamelon Gamit Gamol Gampon Ganaban Ganaden Gangan Gannod BIBAK Ganutan Gaoiran (Gawiran) Gapasin Gapud Ilocano Gapusan chained Tagalog Gapuz Garabiles? Garayblas Garong Garvida Gatbonton Gatchalian Gatdula Gatmaitan Gatnaytan Gatpolintan Gauam Gayagay BIBAK Ginubatan Godoy (Gudoy) Gombat Gonong Gonowon Gordula? Guani Guanlao Guawaran Gubatan woods Tagalog Guiang Guieb Guihama Guilaran Guinto (Guintu) gold Tagalog Guipit hard up Tagalog Guiriba Bicolano Gulapa Gulay vegetable Tagalog Gumabay to hold on Tagalog Gumabon Kapampangan Gumapas Gumarang to fill halfway Ilocano Gumatay Gumato Gumihid Gumila Gumintong Gumiran Gumisong Cebuano Gungab Gunigundo Gusilatar Gutang Gutilban Guting? Habalo to say Hadap (harap) front Halili vice-chief Tagalog Halimaw beast Tagalog Halina come join us Tagalog Halog Ilocano Halum Hangad wish Tagalog Hanopol Haparam HapayHari king Hicban Hilaga North Tagalog Hinagpis sorrow Tagalog Hinahon to hold on Tagalog Hinampas struck Tagalog Hinayon Homoroc Hubag Huedem (Huidem) Bicol Ibabao on top Cebuano Ibay Ibuna Ibuos Ibus Icat Icban Igcasan escapade Cebuano Iguban Ilacad (see Ylacad) Ilag to dodge Tagalog Ilagan (see Ylagan) Ilanan (see Ylanan) Ilao light Tagalog Ilog Ilumin Imbo Impoc to deposit Tagalog Inabayan escorted Tagalog Inclan Inda Inding Iniba Intatano Inton Iporong Irong nose Isip (see Ysip) Isungga (Chinese?) Itchon Itliong Itum black Cebuano Iyog Jabol chase Jaca Jacang Jacutan Jacutin Jain Jalbuna Jalili (see Halili) Jalosjos Cebuano Jamo Jamorabon Janabajab Jandoc Jangcan Cebuano Jaralve? Jayan Juagdan Juco Juico Julag-ay mischievous Visayan Jumao-as Cebuano Jumat Jumawan Jungao Juni sound Tagalog Kabahit Kabaitan kindness Tagalog Kabaong coffin Tagalog Kabayao Kabigting Tagalog Kaibigan friend Tagalog Kaimo Kalalo Kalanduyan Kalangitan heavenly Tagalog Kalaw hornbill Tagalog Kalingasan Kalinisan cleanliness Tagalog Kangleon* Kanlungan a refuge Kapangpangan Karingal Karunungan knowledge Tagalog Kasilag Katalbas Katapang fellow brave Tagalog Katigbak fellow member Tagalog Katindig fellow stander Tagalog Katipunan organization Kayanan Killip BIBAK Labao Labay Labayen Labindalawa twelve Tagalog Labis surpass Labo Labtik Labuanan Labuga Labuguen Lacaden to walk Lacandile Lacandola (Lakandula) Lacanglacang Lacanilao (see Lakan-Ilaw) Lacap hug Pangasinan Lacbawan BIBAK Lacdan to walk over Lacdao (see Laktaw) Laconsay Lacsamana (Laxamana) 10,000 inheritances Lactaoen to skip Ladao Ladao (Ladaw) late Ilocano Lagac deposit Cebuano, Tagalog Lagadi Ilocano Lagana Lagandaon Lagang Laganson Lagasca Lagatoc clicking sound Tagalog Lagbas Lagda signature Lagdameo Laglagaron Lagman given Kapampangan, Ilocano Lagmay Lago Lagos Laguatan Ilocano Lagunsad Lagustan Laig Laing dried Lakan-Ilaw man of light Tagalog Laki Kapampangan Lakian (Laquian) masculine Ilocano Laktaw to skip over Tagalog Lalamunan throat Tagalog Lalangan Lalu Lamangan Lamanilao Tagalog Lamayan wake (for dead) Lamdagan bright Cebuano Lampitoc Lamug mashed Tagalog, Ilocano Lancoan Landas path Tagalog Langit sky Tagalog Langkin Lansang Lansangan field Lansigan Lantin Lapak Lapid Lapira Kapampangan Lapitan Lappay Lapuz Laranang Laraya Lasam Lawas Laxa (laksa) 10,000 Laygo? Laylay wilted Ilocano Layno? Layosa Layug (Layog) Layugan Layumas Lesaca Leyran Libed Libina Libiran Liboon Libunao Licaycay Liclican Lico Licop (Licup) witch (into a deer) Ilocano Licuanan Licud back Ligan Cebuano Ligaya joy Tagalog Ligid to roll Cebuano Ligon Ligot Ligutan Lihat Lima five Tagalog Lindawan Lindog Lingao Linsangan Lipat move Tagalog Lising Litao exposed Tagalog Liwag Liwanag light Tagalog Lobo? Loglog BIBAK Lombos Lomboy Lomibao Lomuntad Longid BIBAK Lontok (Lontoc) Lota Lualhati spiritual peace Tagalog Lucagbo Lucay-lucay Lucena Luczon Lugami sunk, stuck Lugmao Lugtu Lugue Kapampangan Lukban (Lucban) grapefruit Lumaban to fight Lumagbas Lumahan a kind of fish Lumain Lumala Lumanga Lumanlan to augment Ilocano Lumanog Lumanta to wilt Tagalog Lumantas Cebuano Lumapas to clear (absolve) Cebuano,Tagalog Lumawig to go farther Lumbad Lumbang Lumibaw Lumiqued Lumocso jumped Cebuano Lumontad Lumungsod Lumungsub to advance Tagalog Lumunsad Lungay Cebuano Lupitan Luspo Luyaben BIBAK Luyun Luzon Mañalac Maambo Maambong Maayo Mababangloob humble Tagalog Mabalay Mabalo to be widowed IlocanoMabalon lots of wells Aklanon Mabalot wrapped Mabanglo good smelling Kapampangan Mabaquiao Mabasa readable, wet Tagalog Mabayag a long time Ilocano Mabborang Mabilangan counted Tagalog Mabilog round Tagalog Mabini soft, suave Tagalog Mabunga fruitful Tagalog Mabutas Macaalay charitable Tagalog Macabenta* good seller Tagalog Macablo Macabuac to break Cebuano Macabuhay life giver Tagalog Macadangal Macadangdang Macadengdeng vegetable cook Ilocano Macagba Macahilig Macairan Macalagay Macalalad Macalalag Macalam Macale Macalguim Macalinaw one who makes clear Tagalog Macalincag Macalindong Macalino with painful teeth Ilocano Macalintal to be marked Tagalog Macalipat forgetful Ilocano Macalipis Ilocano Macalisang Macaloso Macalug Macam? Macanas Macandog Macanip Macapagal tiring Tagalog, Kapampangan Macapinlac (Makapinlac) Macapobre* Macapugay Macapulay Macaraat Macaraeg (makadaig) winner Tagalog Macaranas to experience Tagalog Macaroy Macasa Macasaet diligent, hardworking Ilocano Macasero* Macasieb Macaspac one who breaks Kapampangan Macatanban Macatangay grabber Tagalog Macatulad imitator Tagalog Macatumpag Macatunao melter Tagalog Macatuno broiled Ilocano Macauyag Macawili Maclang Macmang Macorol Mactal Macuha to get Tagalog Madali Madamba one who is loud Tagalog Madarang to burn Ilocano Madayag majestic, grand Ilocano Maddela Madijanon Madla common Madlabayan the masses whole town Madlangawa all mercies Madlangbayan Tagalog Madlangsacay common rider Tagalog Madlangsakit Maduli Madwen Maga Magadap Magadia (mag adya) savior Magahis Magalona Magalued Magana ravenous Tagalog Maganto Magaoay Magarin Magaso Magat head, leader Kapampangan Magayaga Magbag Magbanua to go to town Magbitang Magbojos to pour Tagalog Magboo Magbual Magbuhat to lift Tagalog Magbulos Cebuano Magcalas to unshackle Tagalog Magcawas Magdadarao Magdaluyo Magdamo Magdato to lead Tagalog Magday Maggay Maghirang Maghuyop to blow Cebuano Magkawas to escape Tagalog Maglacas Maglalang Maglasang Maglaya to be free Tagalog Maglipon to group together Tagalog Mago? Magpale (Magpali) Magpantay to equalize Tagalog Magpatoc to hammer Cebuano Magpayo to advise Magpili to choose Tagalog Magplaya Magpoc Magpuri to praise Tagalog Magpusao to wallow Magsadia to visit Magsalin Magsanoc Magsayo Magsaysay to tell Tagalog Magsino to look closely Tagalog Magsombol (Magsumbol) to spring up Tagalog Magtalas Magtanggol to defend Tagalog Magtanong Magtoto (Magtuto) true to one's word Tagalog Magtubo to grow Tagalog Maguddayo Maharais Mahinay slow Mahusay well Tagalog Maigue well Tagalog Mailum Pangasinan Ma-item dark Majul Makalintal (see Macalintal) Makayan Makil Makiling (Maquiling) to capsize Tagalog, Ilocano Makinano Malabanan Malabed Malabuyo Malacad Malaggay BIBAK Malaki big Tagalog Malalis Malaluan Malamug soft, mashed Malana oily Malang Malapira Malapit Malapitan Malatamban Waray Malayang Malbog Malibiran Malicsi (Maliksi) Malig Maligalig disturbed Maligaya Malijan Malikay to avoid Cebuano Malilay Malimba Malimban Malinao clear Malinsangan hot weather Tagalog Malipot Maliwanag bright Tagalog Maliwat Malix Malixi speedy Tagalog Mallabo Mallilin Malpaya Mamaclay Ilocano Mamaril one who shoots Tagalog Mamisao Mamot Mamuad Mana-ay Visayan Manabat Kapampangan Manacsa Managbanag Managuelod Manahan to bequeath Tagalog Manalang Manalansan Manalastas investigator Manalaysay to tell story Tagalog Manaligod Manalili to operate bellows Ilocano Manalo to win Tagalog Manalon farmer Ilocano Manaloto Manangan Manankil (Mananquil) KapampanganManansala one who doesn't miss Tagalog Manapol Manarang Manarin Manas bloated Tagalog Manasan to go fishing Kapampangan Manasas Manawis Manayan Mandac Ilocano Mandap Mandilag Maneclang Pangasinan Manegdeg Mangabang Mangabat Mangabay to assist Tagalog Mangabel weaver Ilocano Mangahas to be bold Tagalog Mangalap fisherman Ilocano Mangaliman Mangalindan Mangalino Mangalus Mangampat Manganip Manganon Mangaoang Pangasinan Mangaser Mangaya Mangayagam Mangayao to raid, to behead Cebuano Mangay-ayam to play Ilocano Mangayo BIBAK Mangibin Ilocano Mangiliman Mangkay Manglapus Manglaya Manglicmot Manglona Mangoba Mangonon Mangosin Mangrubang (Mangrobang) Mangtalan (Mangtal-lan) Mangubat to fight Cebuano Manguiat Manguinao Manguingat Ibanag Manguino Mangulabnan Mang-usans BIBAK Maniago Manibo Manibog unmoveable Tagalog Manibusan Manicad Manigbas Ilocano Manila (not from Maynila) Kapampangan Manilag Maninay Maningding Manipula Maniquis Maniulit Kapampangan Manlangit (Manlagnit) heavenly Tagalog (Bikolano) Manlansing Manlapaz to set free Tagalog Manlapit Ilocano Manliklik (Manliclic) Manlongat Manlutac Manongdo Manoto one who takes advantage Manotoc one who points a gun Tagalog Manotok woodpecker Tagalog Manrobang Mantaring Manubay Manuntag Manuyong Mapanao to leave Ilocano Mapili choosy Tagalog Mapi-ut Mappala Maquindang shiny Tagalog Maquito? Maraan Marahan slow Maralit noble Maramba (see Madamba) Maranan Maranon Marasigan Marayag Marigomon Marikit (Mariquit) lovely Tagalog Marucut Masaganda Masakayan to be ridden Ilocano, Tagalog Masangga to parry Tagalog Masangkay Tagalog Masibay Masikip tight Tagalog Masungsong Mata eye Mataac Matalam Matamis sweet Tagalog Matanguihan one who refuses Tagalog Mati? Matibag Mationg Matito Matubis clean Bicolano Matulac Matulin fast Tagalog Matundan Matunog loud Cebuano Maturan mentionable Tagalog Matute(?) Ilocano Mauban gray-haired Tagalog Mauhay prolific rice stalk Tagalog Maulit repetitive Tagalog Maybanting Maybituin Maylon (mayron?) one who has Tagalog Mayoyo Menguito? Menta? Mingoc Moguet BIBAK Moll? Momongan Mones? Mongaya Mongcopa? Motos Moulic? Mugol Mula plant Ilocano Mulingtapang brave again Tagalog Mungcal to till Kapampangan Munsayac Musni Muyot Nabua Nacalaban former opponent Tagalog Nacapuy Nagtalon farmer Ilocano Naguiat Naguit Nakpawan Nakpil (Nacpil) Nalundasan place w/ certain plant Ilocano Nalupta Ilocano Namoc mosquito Boholano Namocatcat busy-body Boholano Namocot Boholano Nanquil Napalan Napuli Narag Nasino to take notice Tagalog Naui Navalta? Nepomuceno? Ngaya BIBAK Ngujo Nicdao Niguidula Nilooban from the inner area Tagalog Nimo Nipay Nisnisan Nitafan Pangasinan, Ilocano Nogoy Nuguid? Nunag Oasay Obana? with gray hair Obusan to deplete Tagalog Ogtong Okala Olala (Orara) Olalia Omaga Omapoy to burn Cebuano Omictin to jump Cebuano Omipon to to collect or save Ompad Cebu Ona (see Una) Tagalog Ongkapin Ongoy monkey Cebuano Ontog to bump Tagalog Ontoy Ople Oppus Opus Cebuano Orang? Orayani? Orenia Orig? Orines Orongan move Tagalog Ouano Paa Paas Boholano Paat Pabualan Pabulayan Pabustan Pacada farewell Ilocano Pacampara Waray Pacana Pacaon to feed Cebuano Pacas Pacatang Pacleb to turn over Ilocano Pacpaco Pacquiao to buy wholesale Tagalog Pacquing Pacubas Paculan Pacut Pada equal Ilocano Padagas Padamada Padayao to give praise Ilocano Padios* to God Tagalog Padoan Padunan Paeca Paed a kind of fish trap Ilocano Paet bitter Pagaduan Pagalilauan Pagampao Pagangpang Cebuano Pagao Pagaoa Pagaspas flutter Tagalog Pagdanganan Pagdilao Pagilagan Pagkalinawan clarity, brightness Tagalog Pagkatipunan for society Tagalog Pagliaro Paglinawan to clear Cebuano Paglingayen Pagniligan for the town? Bicolano? Pagsanghan (Pagsanjan) place that forks Pagsibigan Pagtakhan wonderment Tagalog Pagtalunan fight over,argue Tagalog Pagud tired Tagalog Paguio Paguirigan Ilocano Pagulayan vegetable garden Pagunsan the start Cebuano Paguyo Pahate (Pahati) for sharing Pakingan listen Tagalog Palabay to mix Ilocano to throw, to waste Ilongo Palacay Palacpac applause Tagalog Palad Palag Palaganas Palangan Palangdao BIBAK Palapal Palapala Palapus (Palapuz) Palec Palicpic fin Tagalog Palicte Cebuano Paling Palisoc Pallasa Palongpalong paddle Tagalog Palpal-latok morning star Ilocano Paludipan Palugod Palumbarit Pamandanan Pamatong Mindanao Pambid Pamintuan one for the door Pamon Pamulaklakin to make it bloom Tagalog Pamuspusan opinion Ilocano Panaguinto Panahon season Tagalog Panaligan devout wish Tagalog Panay plentiful Pandac short Tagalog Pandaraoan Ilocano Pandy Pangalanan Pangan to eat Kapampangan, Ilocano Panganiban aware of danger Tagalog Pangcob Cebuano Pangdan Pangilinan for the town Ilocano Panimdim feeling Tagalog Panis spoiled Panlao BIBAK Panlaqui Panlasigui Panoringan Pansoy Pantig syllable, cry Panuncialonan Panuyas Parangalan Paraoan Paras hot taste Kapampangan Parawan Parotong Parpana Parungao (padungaw) for the window Pasahol Pasamba veneration Tagalog Pasaoa Pasayan BIBAK Pasicolan? (Arabic?) Pasking BIBAK Pasquil Patacsil treacherously Tagalog Patalinhug (Patalinghug) Patao Pataray Patawaran Patoc Patubo Paurom Payaoan to advise Payawal Payong-ayong Payot Payoyot Payumo (Payomo) Payuyao Pedlaoan (Pidlaoan) Pedronan Penano Pendatum Pendon Kapampangan Pesigan (Pisigan) Pespes Pila Pilande Pilapil rice paddy dike Tagalog Pili choose Pilias Boholano Piluden BIBAK Pinga Pingkian (Pinkian) Pingol Pinlac Pinpin rice paddy dike Tagalog Pintac Pita Pangasinan Pit-Og BIBAK Pitpit Poblete Pogoy Polangcus Polilen (Polilin) BIBAK Polotan (Polutan) Poquis (Pukis) haircut Ilocano Potot short person, dwarf Cebuano Poyaoan Puldulao Pulsungay BIBAK Pumaren Punio Puno head Tagalog Punongbayan town chief Tagalog Punsalang (Punsalan, Punzalan) Punsoy Punyeg Puruganan Purugganan Putong crown Tagalog Puyat sleepy Tagalog Puyot Puzon abdomen Tagalog Queppet Querimit Quiaoit a bird Ilocano Quibola Quiboloy Quilala known Tagalog Quililan Quilong-quilong Cebuano Quimen Quimin Quimno Quimosing Quimot Quimuyog to come along Ilocano Quinabo Quinot Quinoy Quiodala Quiray Quirimit Quisisem Quitain to see Ilocano Quitiquit Raagas Rabaca Rabago Rabanal Ilocano Rabang Rabara Rabe Rabuco Racasa? Racelis? Rafal? Rafanan Ilocano Ragadio? Ragamat Raganit Ragasa intrepid Ragay Ragot Ragsac happiness Ilocano Raguindin Ralutin Ramiscal Ramoran Rapanut Rapatan Raposas Raquedan close to a fence Ilocano Rasalan (dasalan) prayer book Tagalog Rasay Recato Retuta Ribao Ribucan Ridao Ringor quarrel Ilocano Ringpis Robang Roda? Ilocano Romuar to go outside Ilocano Rosaupan? Ruadap Ilocano Rumbaoa Rumusod Sabacan attack Tagalog Sabanal Sabangan Sabile Sabio Sablay Sablayan Sabog Sabugo Sabulao Sacay (see Sakay) Sacayanan Saclayan Saclolo help Tagalog Sacpa BIBAK Sadangsal Sadiri Sadiua Tagalog Sado Sadural Sagabaen Sagadraca Sagalla BIBAK Sagaran Sagawinit Sagayadoro Sagayaga Sagaysay comb Ilocano Sagibo Sagiguinto Sagisi Sagman Sagmit Sagnep Sagudan BIBAK Saguin Ilocano Saguinsing Saguisag symbol Sagum Sagun Sahagun Sajor? Sakay ride Tagalog Salabsab Boholano Salac saved, rescued IlocanoSalalima Salamat thanks Tagalog Salang in place Tagalog Salangsang defender Salapantan Salarila Salarzon? Salaysay tell Tagalog Salboro Salenda Saley BIBAK Sali BIBAK Saliba Salire Salita word Salonga (Salunga) in a cave Tagalog Salop unit of measure (vol.) Tagalog Salumag? Salumbides Samala Sambilay a variety of rice Ilocano Sambile (Sambeli) Tagalog Sampaga Sampang Sampayan clothesline Sampilo Samporna? Sanga branch Sangalang Sangil Saoyen BIBAK Sapigao Sapin underwear Ilocano Saplala prosperity Kapampangan Sapodeng Sarabia? Saradpon Sarangaya Sarao Sarigumba Sarile self Satot Saulan Saulog Saupan Ilocano Sawi Sawit Saya skirt Sayaboc Saymo Sayo Sayoc hungry Tagalog Seggay Siababa Siapno Pangasinan Siasat Sibayan Sibug to water, scatter Tagalog, Ilocano Sicam Sicat famous, well-known Tagalog Siggaoat Ilocano Sigua Sijalbo Silago Silang Simangan Simbulan Simsiman enjoyable Tagalog Singian Sinja Sisante Soliman Tagalog, Kapampangan Somaoang (Somawang) Sonson Sopapan Sopsop Sorio Suayan Suaybaguio Suba Subaybay Subili Subing-Subing Subong Sucaldito Sucdad BIBAK Sucgang Sudiacal Ilocano Sugay Sugcang to stir Suguitan to injure Tagalog Sulit gain Tagalog Sumabat to meet Ilocano Sumagaysay to comb hair Ilocano Sumagcang Sumang Sumanpong Boholano Sumaoang Sumibcay Sumulong to go forward Tagalog Sundita Sunga Sunio? Supnet Suyat Tañag popular Tagalog Taag BIBAK Taal Taasan Taay Tabag Tabalanza? Tabalbag Ilocano Tabamo Tabang weak taste Tagalog Tabangcura* fat friar Tagalog Tabaquing Tabay Ilocano Tabayoyong Tabian Tabil talkative Tagalog Tabilin Tabing cover Tagalog Tabisula Tablac Tablan affected Tagalog Tablang Tablico Tablit Tabocol Tabogader Tabonda Tabo-tabo Cebuano Taboyayong Tabua Tabucbuc Tabudlo Tabug Tabula Tabulog Tabuno Tabura Taburaza? Tabuyo Tacadena Tacang (Tacan) Tacata Tacazon (Tacason) Tacbas Tacder stand Ilocano Tacderan Tacdol Taclas Tacorda Tacud Tacuyan Tacuycuy Tacwigan BIBAK Tadena (Tadina) Taer handsome Ilocano Taeza Tagalicod from the rear (Tagalicud, Tagalikud) Tagalog Tagalogan Tagamolila Tagarro Tagasa Tagatac Tagay Taghap Tagle? Tagorda? Tagud Tagudin Ilocano Taguines Taguinod Tagulao Tajanlangit Tala Talaba oyster Tagalog Talaban Talactac Talagtag Talampas Talao coward Kapampangan Talaro Talaroc Talastas Talatala Talaugon Talens? Talimoro Talingting Talisayon Talosig? Talusan to know Tamo Tamondong Tampipi suitcase Tagalog, Cebuano Tandang rooster Tagalog Tandoc a carabao horn cup Ilocano Tanga Tangaan Tangalin Tanghal featured Tanghalan Tanglao light, guide Tanguilig (tangkilik) patronage Tagalog Tanicala chain Tanopo Tanyag (see Tañag) Tapang bravery Tagalog Tapawan Tapay cockscomb Cebuano Tapaya Tapina Taposok from my heart Ilocano Tapuro Taracatac Tarongoy righteous man Cebuano Taruc (Taroc) Tatlonghari* three kings Tagalog Taupo Hail, Hello Tagalog Tauyan Ilocano Tawatao Tayabas Tayactac Tayag Tayao Tela Teneza (Tenezas)? Terre Tibay durable Tagalog Tibayan strengthen Tagalog Tibok Tigas hard Tagalog Tiglao Timbancaya lifter of weight Tagalog Timbang weight Tagalog Timbas Timple Pangasinan Tinapay bread Tagalog Tindoc Tindog Tindongan BIBAK Tinoyan Tinsay (Chinese?) Tioaquen Ibanag Tiong Tira-tira* Toliao (Tuliao) Tomawis Tiyap (Tiap) Togonon Tomagan Tomalon Tomines Tongol Tongpalan To-ong Tosoc pierce Tagalog Toyhacao to peer over Cebuano Tubaon brown Cebuano Tubig water Tubo Tucay Tudtud Cebuano Tugade Tugado Tukodlangit (Tukod-langit) Tuktukan BIBAK Tulabing Tulio? Tulud Tumacder to stand Ilocano Tumala Tumale Tumambing Ilocano Tumanda Tumaneng? Tumang Tumangan to hold Tagalog Tuma-ob Aklanom Tumao Tumbaga Tumibay to be strong Tagalog Tumulak Tunac Tuñacao Tungol banner Tungpalan Tuparan Tupas (Tupaz) Turinia? Tutaan TuyayUbungen Ugale (Ugali) custom, habit Tagalog, Ilocano Ugalino Ugay Ulanday Ulap cloud Ulat Ulit repeat Tagalog Umagtang Umali to stain or dirty up Ilocano Umayam Uminga Umipig Una first Tagalog Unabia Undag Undayan Untalan (Untaran) Pangasinan Urakoy Usi Utak brain Cebuano Vagay Valarao (balaraw) knife Vayan (bayan) Vinoray Viray large boat Ilocano Visaya Wandag BIBAK Watan BIBAK Yabes (Yapes) Yabut (iabut) to hand over, to give Tagalog Yacapin to embrace Tagalog Yacat Yadao Yagin Yago Yagyagan Yamat Yambot Yamguas Yanga Yanong Yaranon Yasay Ybut Ygot Ylacad to walk Tagalog Ylagan to dodge Tagalog Ylanan Yoro Ysip thinking Tagalog Yting Yumul? (Yumol) Yusi ? questionable * Filipino word but concept or root word is Spanish in origin

Many modern-day Chinese Filipinos have traditional names with one syllable like Lim, Tan, Sy, and so on. However, early Chinese Filipino families took on the complete name of their patriarch, thus their names had three syllables. These are truly Filipino surnames and don't exist anywhere else in the world. Their names were transcribed using Spanish orthography in effect during the 19th century.

If you are wondering why so many names end in -co and -ko, it is because co was a title of respect given to someone like an elder, or an older brother. However, Co was also a valid name so that it would be hard to say whether the "Co" in the name was part of the original Chinese name or was an honorific. Generally speaking, if it is at the end it would have been an honorific.

An example of this is Cojuangco. Their patriarch was Co Chi Kuan, who was addressed respectfully as Co Kuan Co (one given name dropped). Co Kuan Co eventually became Cojuangco.

You might find it interesting that there are a few names with a similar structure (like Canseco and Polanco) in Mexico. Could these families have been started by Chinese Filipinos who settled in Mexico as a result of the Manila-Acapulco galleon trade?

Andicoy Angangco Angpauco Angtuaco Chanchinco Chichioco Chincuanco Chipeco Chuachiaco Chuapoco Chuaquico Chuatoco Ciciongco Cojuangco (patriarch was Co Chi Kuan) Cojunco Colayco Consunji Copiaco Coseteng Cosico Cucueco Cutiongco Cuyegkeng Dinglasan? Diyakson Doratan Dy-Buncio Dycaico Dyliaco Dypiangco Dyquiangco Dysangco Gandionco Gochoco Goduco Gokongwei Golamco Golangco Goquingco Goquiolay Gosiengfiao Gosiengpao Gosioco Gosuico Gotauco Gotiangco Gotianse Gouchico Goyanco Guysayko Kilayko (patriarch was Que Lai) Landicho Laoinco Lauchengco Laudico Libongco Licauco Lichauco Licuanan Lim-aco Limcaco Limcangco Limcaoco Limchangco Limdico Limjoco (Limjuco) Litonjua Littaua Loangco Mapua (means horse wave) NgSinco Nibungco Ochoa? Olimpo Ongchangco Ongkeko (Ongkiko) Ongkingco Onglatco Ongpauco Ongsiaco (Ongsiako) Ongsiapco Ongsingco Ongtengco Pecaoco Pefianco (from Pe Pianga) Pesayco Queveco Quibuyen Quindipan Quisumbing Sandico Sendico Siapuatco Sideco Simsuangco Sindico Songcuya Sunico Sy-Cotio Syjuco Sytangco Sytengco Tablante? Tambunting Tanangco Tanchanco Tanchoco Tancinco Tancongco Tanhehco Tanhueco Tanjosoy Tanjuatco Tanlimco (patriarch was Tan Khieng Lim) Tanseco Tansiongco Tantoco Tantuico Teehankee Tengonciang Tetangco Tichepco Tinoco Tintiangco Tioleco Tioseco (Tiuseco) Tiotuyco Uichico Uylamco Uytangco Uytengsu Uytingco Wilwayco Wycoco Yapchulay Yapjoco Yaptangco Yaptenco Yaptinchay Yuchengco Yujico Yupangco Yusingco (Yusingko) Yuviengco Yuyitung ? questionable

Then there are some Chinese-derived names with only two syllables. How did they originate? Did the family simply drop of of their patriarch's given names? Why do the names ending in -son and -zon come mostly from Pampanga? Was this because many of them moved to Pampanga after the Chinese were massacred in Manila during the early days of Spanish rule?

According to Weedy Tan (from Manila), some Northern Chinese had two-syllable family names. It is possible that a few of the names below may not be uniquely Filipino but were also used in China. However, names ending in -son, -zon, and -co must have been first used in the Philippines.

Buncio (patriarch was Tiu Bok)
Chanco (Tiangco)
Chiongbian (Chongbian)
De Pan
Dizon (2nd grandson)
Gozon (5th grandson)
Jante (from Te-Han)
Kimpo (Quimpo)
Kison (Quison)
Lacson (6th grandson)
Lopa (patriarch was Lo Bio Pa)
Samson (3rd grandson)
Singco (Sinco)
Sison (4th grandson)
Tiamson (Tiamzon)
Tuason (see below)
Tuazon (eldest grandson)

? questionable

We have unique, hybrid Chinese Filipino names.

Do you have a real Filipino last name? Do you have friends with such names? Add them to this Catalog of Filipino Names. Corrections to the above list? Additional meanings and comments?

Send them to me so I can incorporate them into this list.

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